Volunteering with the First Tee – Greater Austin

Volunteerism is a big part of the First Tee – Greater Austin and is considered one of the four pillars of the organization:

  • Engaged Board of Directors
  • A dedicated staff committed to delivering a fun, educational program
  • Supportive volunteer coaches willing to share their time and talent with the First Tee – Greater Austin students along with volunteers willing to share their time and talent behind the scenes of the organizations various committees to help ensure the financial support is there for the program.
  • A profitable golf facility that contributes to the organizations bottom line

Getting involved with First Tee – Greater Austin is easy; all ages and experience levels are welcome!

We have two types of volunteers, those who serve as “coaches” and work directly with the kids in one of our many out-of-school programs or those who help by serving on one our many committees. Golf skill is certainly not a requirement to participate!

The following is a breakdown of all of our various volunteer opportunities and we look forward to having you, and/or company, and/or your family and friends involved with First Tee – Greater Austin!

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Coaching every day or the entire week is not expected; typically coaches help during the morning shift; 9am-12pm or afternoon shift 1pm-3pm

Our lead coaches (staff) will provide detailed lesson plans that will include both golf and life skill activities. Role of the Coach:

  • Coaches engage with the students by encouraging participation, facilitating interaction with everyone in the group and challenging the students to try new things
  • Coaches are also encouraged to share their own experiences with golf to the students

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