A home for youth, for the long haul.

We continue to anticipate enormous changes in our community. In the last 20 years our area's population has exploded and we responded by adding seven area golf facilities and 14 Parks & Recreation sites with plans to add even more. It is clear, however, that additional outdoor venues for golf will only attend to a portion of what our young people and their families need from us. Our parents consistently tell us that they need a secure place for their child when they are not in school and they need it to be reliably available even when it rains, or conditions aren't conducive to outdoor play. An indoor space will provide that reliability and stability and allow us to take our life coaching practices indoors. Our vision is to build a learning center that will be reliably open and available—a community hub for further youth development and mentorship. In addition, we would like to leverage the Harvey Penick Golf Campus as a viable event space—a rare commodity in East Austin.

Features of the New Facility
*Interactive Technology Lab
*Kids Clubhouse
*Quiet Study Rooms
*Snack Bar
*Classroom Space
*Golf Simulators
*Indoor/Outdoor Hitting Bays
*Multi-use Space
*Catering Kitchen

All built with expansion in mind

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Please contact:
Jennifer MacCurrach | Executive Director
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How many hitting bays will there be?

4 downstairs, 8 upstairs  (2 have already been sold)

How many hitting bays will have TrackMan?

The goal is to maximize the latest and greatest technology in the game, right now that technology is Trackman, tomorrow it may be something different. If we were moving into the building today we would have two Trackman units in the downstair bays and we would use “Toptracer” in the upstairs bays. Toptracer is a Topgolf tool that is designed for “covered” driving ranges, it has a lot of the same features of Trackman, with more “game” capabilities. (Worthless information Trackman uses radar, Toptracer (is camera based).

How big are the hitting bays? What is the capacity?

The bay will be built for one person hitting at a time, with enough room for a coach to move safely around a student without getting hit. What will be different at FTGA Learning Center is in downstairs bays we will have stadium seats for the kids waiting their turn and in the upstairs bays the students will have a half gym to wait their turn (coaches will set up supplemental activities in both scenario’s)

Will the bays be open to the public?

Yes, when the kids classes are not in session. The bay will be a key “revenue” source for the organization. The learning center will increase the organizations self-sufficiency with rentals of the bays, community room and golf simulators.

How will the sponsors be recognized?

A comprehensive list of donors/sponsors will be located in the main entry way and in the specific area that they sponsored. Scheduled for the bays is recognition on the floor as you walk into the bay and also on the wall.

When is the target date for the building to break ground – shovel in ground?

Contingent on fundraising, we do have a site permit submitted at the city of Austin. We are currently working on parallel tracks, moving forward with the site permit and raising money. We have talked to a couple of banks in regards to a bridge loan and have had very positive feedback in regards to collateral credit for our pledges. The Board of Directors have had discussions about potentially moving forward with less than the full amount raised, it is an on-going discussion.

What is the total fundraising goal for this campaign? How much money has been raised to date for the learning center?

$4.2M in pledges, goal is $13M, including a $2.5M endowment and $500K for golf course improvements (in summary $10M for building)

Will alcohol be available at the Learning Center? How will food be handled at the Learning Center for special events or parties? Can food be catered?

Yes, we will have a liquor license, it has been approved by the YMCA and FT National. Who actually owns the license is still be discussed. Creed Ford IV and his company is assisting with the design for the F&B area and we are also discussing having them lease the facility. Creed and his family are great supporters of FTGA and are in the restaurant business (The League, Rudy’s, and Tony C’s)

What are the benefits for gifting?

– Recognition in each bay and in the entry way of the learning center

– A private event in their bay once a year

– You are… Investing in teaching technology and a dedicated space.

Will the donor have the use of space throughout the year?

Yes, in discussion the benefits for sponsorship